Rabindranath Tagore University organized a three-day workshop

In the Total Station Workshop, students learned surveying

Bhopal. A three-day Advance Survey Using Total Station was organized by the Civil Department of
Rabindranath Tagore University. Civil engineering students participated in this workshop. Mr. Saurabh
Jain, Founder of JP Survey Academy as a subject expert was present. Total station is the most modern
equipment of the present which is used not only in survey but also in building construction. Giving
information to the students, Mr. Saurabh Jain said that this is an electronic transit theodolite from which
we can measure the horizontal angle, vertical angle and the distance of the gradient.He also demonstrated
that to collect information in it, an on board computer is provided so that it can collect data and perform
advanced coordinate based calculations.After this, students were taught to survey the road for practical
knowledge and to measure its angles. In practical knowledge, the students were given detailed
information about the total station and to measure the distance length and width of the object accurately.
Using the collected data in the last phase of the workshop, how to take that data on the sheet with the help
of AutoCAD software so that the building and the road could be built or improved or renovated.
At the beginning of the workshop, Mr. Kapil Soni, Head of the Department of Civil Department of the
University, while addressing the students said that after learning Total Station, you can start your own
business. At the end of the program, Dean Sanjeev Gupta, Dean of the University, presented memento and
floral to Mr. Saurabh Jain as a subject specialist. A certificate was also given to the students participating
in the workshop. On this occasion, all the teachers of the Civil Department and a large number of students
were present.
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